AQR’s assessments offer considerable value in helping users to make better decisions about people. In turn this leads to more effective intervention and development.

Social and economic deprivation often provides an environment where wellbeing, aspirations and positive behaviour can be adversely affected. The mental toughness model provides an opportunity for charitable/social investment organisations working in these areas to understand better how their clients are responding to the environment.

Mental toughness, in particular, is increasingly used as a measure of mindset and change in mindset. This can be an outcome as well as an enabler in terms of improving performance, wellbeing and Positive behaviour.

AQR have developed a version of the Mental Toughness Questionnaire specifically for the sports sector using language applicable in the sporting world. The measure enables athletes and their coaches, trainers to make better assessments and identify why they do or don’t perform under the pressure of competition.

About Us

AQR International is a highly innovative psychometric test publisher and consultancy. AQR together with Peter Clough (Professor of Applied Psychology at MMU), has developed the Mental Toughness measure MTQ48 and a leading integrated leadership measure, ILM72. Together with The Carrus Partnership, we have also developed CARRUS – a unique employability measure. We now operate in over 80 countries, with offices in the UK, UAE and Poland,

AQR psychometric tests are focused on individual and organisational development – principally the impact on performance, wellbeing & positive behaviours.  These translate into important and valuable outcomes.

We offer a range of innovative and accessible psychometric tests, tools and development programmes for people of all ages and with organisations of all types.

This takes AQR into applications in the world of work, education, youth development, sport, employability, health and social mobility.

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