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AQR International is a highly innovative psychometric test publisher and consultancy. AQR together with Peter Clough (Professor of Applied Psychology at MMU), has developed the Mental Toughness measure MTQ48 and a leading integrated leadership measure, ILM72. Together with The Carrus Partnership, we have also developed CARRUS – a unique employability measure. We now operate in over 80 countries, with offices in the UK, UAE and Poland,

AQR psychometric tests are focused on individual and organisational development – principally the impact on performance, wellbeing & positive behaviours.  These translate into important and valuable outcomes.

We offer a range of innovative and accessible psychometric tests, tools and development programmes for people of all ages and with organisations of all types.

This takes AQR into applications in the world of work, education, youth development, sport, employability, health and social mobility.

Recent Posts

Three Independent schools Headmistress take on Mental Toughness

Fiona Clapp Education Blog In the second half of this term my school along with about 60 other independent schools will embark on a fascinating piece of research commissioned by the ISC, the aim of which is to measure whether independent schools are better able to...
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Private school children are tougher than their state educated peers, study finds

Private school children are tougher than their state educated counterparts, a study has found. New research commissioned by the Independent Schools Council (ISC) found that pupils at fee-paying schools are more controlled, committed and confident than those who went...
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The ISC/AQR Study on Soft Skills in UK Independent Schools

Assessing Mental Toughness The study provided a unique opportunity to assess almost 10,000 pupils in 60 schools using the 4Cs mental toughness framework. The data emerging from what is a very significant study has been interesting, valuable and insightful. Importantly...
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How Mental Toughness Keeps You Performing When The Fatigue Sets In

When you are fatigued through heavy mental or physical demands your performance is likely to suffer.  In this excellent post, Mental Toughness Partner, Michelle Bakjac explains how being mentally tough can keep you performing. CAN MENTAL TOUGHNESS IMPACT FATIGUE?...
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Understanding Brain Science To Help You Perform At Your Best

Each year, through neuroscience, we learn more about the brain and how it works, enabling us to stay focused on our goals, learn faster and make better decisions. This quick read, reproducing an article by Lydia Dishman in a recent Fast Company magazine, will help you...
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