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All our work is supported by published research and client case studies. Data is available for analysis & evaluation.

AQR International is a highly innovative psychometric test publisher and consultancy. AQR together with Peter Clough (Professor of Applied Psychology at MMU), has developed the Mental Toughness measure MTQ48 and a leading integrated leadership measure, ILM72. Together with The Carrus Partnership, we have also developed CARRUS – a unique employability measure. We now operate in over 80 countries, with offices in the UK, UAE and Poland,

AQR psychometric tests are focused on individual and organisational development – principally the impact on performance, wellbeing & positive behaviours.  These translate into important and valuable outcomes.

We offer a range of innovative and accessible psychometric tests, tools and development programmes for people of all ages and with organisations of all types.

This takes AQR into applications in the world of work, education, youth development, sport, employability, health and social mobility.

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Stress and Pressure, the Premier League and Jurgen Klopp

The English Premier League is barely under way this season and already club managers are under intense stress and pressure to secure enough points to ensure their team stays in the top division. Survival provides their club with another year of immense financial...
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5 Simple Psychological Tricks To Increase Your Confidence

Mental Toughness is a personality trait that improves your performance and wellbeing. One of the 4C’s of the mental toughness framework is Confidence, which is the self-belief to successfully tackle the challenges and opportunities that life presents. The more...
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Mastering the 3 Kinds of Listening Skills

Listening skills are an important EQ attribute and here’s a quick and interesting take on “physical,” “mental,” and “emotional” listening, and how to master them by Judith Humphrey from Fast Company magazine. We associate listening with our ears. The Stoic philosopher...
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Man Hand writing Small Steps Big Changes with black marker on visual screen. Isolated on white. Business technology internet concept. Stock Photo

Small Steps Big Changes – How To Develop Mental Toughness

I really enjoyed this succinct post below by Michelle Bakjac our Mental Toughness Partner in Adelaide who provides 4 techniques to add to your toolbox to develop Mental Toughness every day. You can measure Mental Toughness using the MTQ48, a reliable and easy to use...
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Partnering on social enteprise projects

We are also pleased to by partnering with Empower – Be the Change (a UK registered social enterprise) who are working in St Christopher’s, Wrexham which is the largest specialist school in Wales. Mental Toughness and MTQ48 will be used to help participants...
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