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AQR International is a highly innovative psychometric test publisher and consultancy. AQR together with Peter Clough (Professor of Applied Psychology at MMU), has developed the Mental Toughness measure MTQ48 and a leading integrated leadership measure, ILM72. Together with The Carrus Partnership, we have also developed CARRUS – a unique employability measure. We now operate in over 80 countries, with offices in the UK, UAE and Poland,

AQR psychometric tests are focused on individual and organisational development – principally the impact on performance, wellbeing & positive behaviours.  These translate into important and valuable outcomes.

We offer a range of innovative and accessible psychometric tests, tools and development programmes for people of all ages and with organisations of all types.

This takes AQR into applications in the world of work, education, youth development, sport, employability, health and social mobility.

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Coaching Female Executives and Closing the Confidence Gap

How Do We Close The Confidence Gap Between Men and Women? The MTQ48 Mental Toughness framework comprises the 4C’s of Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence. Whilst mental toughness as a personality trait is gender neutral, in our studies in Australia women are...
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Why “The Employee Happiness Index” Is Critically Important

As a CEO one of my key concerns is the “Happiness Index” of employees because a positive work culture has such immense benefits all round for individuals and organisations. This post by Doug Strycharczyk, CEO of AQR International and Professor Peter Clough of...
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Do You Possess Psychological Flexibility

In today’s post Michelle Bakjac of Bakjac Consulting shows how Psychological Flexibility and Mental Toughness combine to achieve effectiveness not only at work but in your every day life. THE ROLE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL FLEXIBILITY IN BUILDING MENTAL TOUGHNESS, PERFORMANCE...
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Your Digital Detox – 10 Simple Rules

Sleep is the most precious commodity.  A simple change in bedtime habits and smartphone settings can improve the quality of your sleep and the digital detox needed for a good night’s sleep. Courtesy of the excellent Psyblog here are 10 simple rules to help you...
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The History of Leadership Theory and its Application #4 of 5

1960s & 70s – Continued Fiedler’s Contingency Model argues that effective leadership depends on a match between a leader’s behavioural style and the degree to which the work situation gives control and influence to the leader. The first task is to identify...
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