Difficult people are everywhere

Difficult people shout, they are rude and dismissive, use insults like normal people use compliments, they interrupt and are poor listeners.  Sometimes they are oblivious to their behaviour and how their rudeness or aggression impacts on others. Those that are aware  actively choose to use their rudeness as a tactic to unsettle and bully those people around them into agreeing to their preferred course of action.  In short they are unpleasant and can often be debilitating to those that are unprepared or reluctant to tackle them.  Like a sky full of black clouds difficult people can spoil your day and make you feel apprehensive, uneasy and sick in the stomach when you have to deal with them.

Possessing the mental toughness personality trait can help you manage those people and those situations to your advantage so that you feel perfectly comfortable around them.

Mental toughness is a personality trait comprising the combination of resilience and confidence.  Being mentally tough equips you with the calm and resolve to help you retain control of your emotions in potentially volatile situations such as these. Furthermore it gives you the confidence and spirit to take on these difficult people on your terms. 

If you aren’t naturally mentally tough, you can “buy” a ‘mental toughness’ season ticket for the day and “fake it till you make it” by doing what mentally tough people do when they have to deal with difficult people.

Here are 5 ways to deal with difficult people

Published by Paul Lyons

Paul is an experienced chief executive, leadership coach and mental toughness professional and you can reach him at paullyons.com or   mentaltoughness.partners

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