If you look around your workplace, you’ll observe that whilst there may be little difference in capability between your colleagues, there is usually a world of difference in terms of attitude and results. The more successful people are successful because they have a more positive attitude and a tougher mindset.

They have created a routine series of thinking that leads naturally from their thoughts and feelings to their actions and behaviours. These mindset habits become second nature, even when they face extreme stress and pressure.  This mindset enables them to take full advantage of the opportunities and successfully navigate the challenges they face.  It is your responsibility to turn up for work mentally fit and ready, with a focused, determined and resolute mindset.

You can develop this frame of mind in any number of ways and different techniques work for different people.

Five that could work for you.

Paul Lyons is an experienced chief executive, leadership coach and mental toughness professional and you can reach him via paul@paullyons.com and atwww.paullyons.com OR paul@mentaltoughness.partners and the Mental Toughness Partners web site www.mentaltoughness.partners

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