Life is full of obstacles, uncertainty, challenges and potential for failure. But you may often wonder, why does it have to be so hard?

Those who are mentally strong and resilient have the best chance of rising above those challenges to reach their goals. By contrast, mentally weak people fall victim to false and glorified promises that masquerade as short-cuts to success, fast cash, and immediate industry recognition. Sadly, in the end, a weak mind infects business and ultimately derails success.

Here are six signs you have become a prime candidate for demonstrating mentally weak behavior:

1. Handing Over Control: You’ve given up managing and controlling your own thoughts and emotions and allowing them to be controlled, directed and influenced by the environment around you, the opinion of others, or momentary situations.

Tip: Become more inner directed and self reliant. Pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling. Train your mind to be alert by staying in the present moment.

2. Acting on Impulse: Acting on impulse has become second nature. You respond to unprovoked emotional outbursts, prone to the highs and lows of your own emotional moods, and respond mindlessly to the emotions of others.

 Tip: Resist the emotional pull of the moment. Emotions may drive the behavior of others, but your objective should be to intertwine emotion and logic when responding to everyday situations.

3. Playing the Blame Game: Unmet business objectives seem overpowering, leading to finger-pointing and blaming others. You may go so far as to blatantly lie about business results whether it’s due to handling setbacks or company downturn, or with issues regarding your product or service.

Tip: Work closely with subject matter experts and team members, define responsibilities, stay in touch with the concerns and problems of your teams and keeping people focused on the highest priority goals and objectives. Collaborate with and involve all members in crafting a clear purpose, values, goals and expected outcomes.

4. Flying Under the Radar: Adopts a minimalist approach to avoid taking on additional responsibilities due to fear of failure, runs from challenge and adversity, procrastinates due to laziness or lack of interest, or delegates own work to others due to lack of knowledge or inadequate skill.

Tip: Ensure adequate resources and tools to do the job such as training, coaching, and the proper equipment. 

5Easily Intimidated: Prefers to back down quickly when challenged, won’t stand their ground, intimidated by competence or excellence in others.

Tip: Gain self-confidence by facing adversity and meeting challenges. Project this self-confidence through strong body language, high quality work, measured tone of voice and a firm hand shake when dealing with others.

6. Displays Short-sightedness: Many professionals fail to see business opportunities as they arise, making short-sighted decisions, reacting from stereotypical ideas and opinions, making snap judgments without reviewing options.

Tip: Replace mechanical and rigid thinking with flexible and creative thought. Expand your awareness to see different points of view and solutions. Apply convergent thinking when you have many solutions to address one problem, apply the process of eliminating alternatives to arrive at one preferred option or choice. Whenever you are faced with an issue or problem at work, apply these thinking skills in everyday business situations.

You can reach inside yourself and draw out those deep strengths that can make all the difference. Take advantage of them to turn back from the brink of mental weakness and emerge out the other side in triumph, despite the mental turmoil and inner conflicts that may arise.
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Copyright 2016 Jennifer Touma

Jennifer Touma is an Executive Coach that helps clients develop Mental Toughness through Executive Coaching strategies designed to strengthen her client’s mental agility and skills so they can demonstrate optimum business leadership in their chosen field. Follow her on Twitter. Visit her website to learn more.

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