AQR 360 Assessment

The AQR 360 Assessment facility is an online tool for use by organisations for assessing and monitoring key behaviours and competencies in a structured, systematic and highly effective manner.

Organisations can create their own 360 assessment, using their own competencies & behaviours, developing own items, or draw down items from a database available within the system based on a Generic Competency Framework.

Key Features:

  • The assessment process is self managed – user friendly control panels to manage your own account and projects
  • Option for the Assessee to invite up to 10 own Assessors
  • This assessment can be easily tailored to reflect an organisation’s specific needs e.g. Skills Analysis, Behavioural Assessment, etc.
  • There are also customisation options for the reports and the assessment .
  • The AQR 360 Assessment also enables organisations to run a re-assessment based on the same items to produce a Distance Travelled Report
  • Assessors also have an ability to add narrative comments relevant to each Competency Unit. This feature provides the opportunity to gather additional valuable qualitative information.
  • Secure, confidential and highly efficient online process

The process produces a report in an innovative workbook format which encourages an individual to reflect purposefully on the feedback provided and with (or without) their line manager or coach to jointly develop a Personal Development Plan. The PDP can be reviewed on an on-going basis.

We use the 360 assessment and MTQ 48 (Mental Toughness) tools from AQR. Both are very straightforward to use and if there is an occasional question the AQR staff no matter who you speak to go out of their way to help and find the answer. AQR have provided us with experienced Associates who assist with coaching the feedback and promoting its continued use to our managers which we found very valuable. Our main contact Monika Czwerenko is exceptionally professional and supportive throughout the whole experience. I have no hesitation in recommending AQR as the tools are very good value and they provide a consistent positive customer experience every time.

Corporate Training Manager - Training, Learning and Development, Wrexham County Borough Council

We have used the 360 process for development purposes for our Directors and Heads of Service and on voluntary bases for other senior managers. Managers pick 10 people to give 360 feedback and we encourage them to pick people both internally and externally to get a rounded picture, but also to pick people who they have maybe had a difficult working relationship with so they get some valuable development points. We used our own competency framework for the basis of the 360. The information in the reports is then used for development purposes.

Denbighshire County Council - HR Direct

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