In Australia, students, teachers and parents are on stress alert as the exam period is upon us.  There are end of year exams for all year groups, year 12’s striving for the all important ATAR, IB and university exams are also underway. The pressure on students to perform is immense and the stress and anxiety they experience at exam time is also keenly felt by their teachers and families.

It is proven that mental toughness in students enables students to manage their stress more effectively and thereby perform better in exams. As a result mental toughness in students has emerged as a highly significant factor in the development of young people.

Here is a really instructive video on the importance of mental toughness in students by Steve Oakes, Director of AQR’s Education Division.  Steve is developing a formal mental toughness development education program within UK schools.

Mental Toughness in Education – Steve Oakes video

AQR, are our UK partners and the authors of the MTQ48 mental toughness psychometric measure. Prior to joining AQR, Steve was a teacher at The Blue Coat School in Oldham , a state school in the less than affluent Lancashire town, where he was responsible for introducing the Mental Toughness programme. In the last three years, the school has experienced a significant and positive impact on the attainment, wellbeing and behaviours of students and staff due to this programme.

One of the greatest challenges facing society today is that of preparing young people not only so that they are skilled and qualified; but also possess attributes and qualities that enable them to apply what they learn in a challenging, changing and often stressful world.

Developing Mental Toughness and Resilience will assist students with:


Both on entry to secondary school from junior school and preparation for life after school (work or further education). Settling into a new school quickly and effectively is a major determinant of success for a long time.


Mainly exam performance but it also embraces producing good quality course work, assignments and even achieving in non-core activities such as sports. Read More..

Source: Mental Toughness Partners

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