We are delighted that the Bridges Social Sector Funds won two (out of five) awards at the prestigious Cabinet Office Social Investment Awards 2016. Now in their second year, these awards are intended to “highlight the innovation and dedication of world-leading social investors and enterprises”.

Bridges and Career Connect won the ‘Public Service Transformation Award’ for their SIB-funded programme on Merseyside. Bridges first backed Career Connect’s ‘New Horizons’ intervention programme (which aimed to stop young people becoming NEET, i.e. not in education, employment or training) as one of our first ever social impact bond investments in 2012. The programme was so successful – delivering over £9m worth of positive outcomes to the Department of Work & Pensions at a cost of just £4.5m – that it became one of the first SIBs in the world to repay investors in full and ahead of schedule. It has since been recommissioned for a second iteration – and has demonstrated a brand new way for the Government to tackle the NEET issue.

An important component of that programme and the key psychometric measure is AQR’s 4Cs Mental Toughness model (developed by Prof Peter Clough) and the MTQ48.

To download the full case study please click here

It illustrates the value of high quality and accurate diagnosis of mindset in young people’s development which is then supported by intelligent delivery of support and intervention.

See  : www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9wLO_yoBYc

AQR is a leading edge publisher of psychometric measures, we also work through partner organisations. For more information please visit www.aqr.co.uk

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