Sleep is the most precious commodity.  A simple change in bedtime habits and smartphone settings can improve the quality of your sleep and the digital detox needed for a good night’s sleep. Courtesy of the excellent Psyblog here are 10 simple rules to help you digitally detox.

A recent survey conducted for the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference by Digital Awareness UK found that digital devices have become the scourge of sleep with around half of all teenagers checking their phones after they have gone to bed and one in ten checking their phones 10 times during the night.

Here are the Ten Digital Detox rules


Do not use any screens in the 90 minutes before bed.


Instead, in the 90 minutes before bedtime, try reading a book, meditating or having a bath.  Social media tends to get you worked up and excited.  For sleep you want the opposite feeling. Read More..

Source: Mental Toughness Partners 

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