How to put your smart phone down and talk …. to anyone

I travel frequently on buses, trains and planes and these days almost everyone has their eyes down, intently focused on their smart phone screen. Including me I’m ashamed to say. As a result, the art of conversation is quickly dying out and social media will surely be renamed anti social media.

Yet when I do have a conversation with a stranger, just sharing a moment in time in a particular place or set of circumstances, it always seems more satisfying than the screen.  Whilst there are some people who become totally detached from the outside world and stuck in a dark impenetrable place with their phones, most people will be open to a short and light conversation.  Striking up a conversation is relatively easy to do by remembering a few essentials:


Anyone can, having a conversation is a human thing to do, but you first need to get in themindset that you are worthy enough to strike up a conversation.


As always it’s a balance.  A full-blown grin and over familiar entrance will be guaranteed to put the other person right off before any conversation takes place. Similarly a cold exchange will invite a detached response. A hint of a smile and a pleasant friendly tone provides a warm and non-threatening context. Read More.. 

Source: Mental Toughness Partners 

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