Mental Toughness Workshops for Secondary Schools in Greater Manchester



Within education, increasing attention is being paid to non-cognitive skills among young people, based on accumulating evidence of their importance as predictors of educational outcomes and later life success.

In recent years, large corporations such as Ernst & Young and PwC announced they were moving away from traditional methods of recruitment that simply assess academic qualifications, and instead are using other methods that assesses a broader set of skills required to succeed in the “real world”.

So, whilst the concept of measuring/assessing soft skills is not a new concept in the corporate world, the idea of measuring/assessing these skills in schools is new news. Having said this, many schools are starting to implement character development programmes into their school timetables.

There are a number of different approaches to delivering non-cognitive skills such as growth mindset (Dweck) and grit (Duckworth). More recently the mental toughness model and questionnaire, developed by Professor Peter Clough (Professor of Psychology at Huddersfield University) has been widely used within the sector.



In partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, AQR International has selected eight of the top second-year Psychology undergraduates to be Mental Toughness Ambassadors. The students have been through an intensive selection process and training programme. They are fully trained in the concept of Mental Toughness so that they can work with young people and support their development. All Mental Toughness Ambassadors are DBS checked.



The Mental Toughness Ambassadors work using the 4C’s model of Mental Toughness developed by Professor Peter Clough, head of Psychology at Huddersfield University and AQR International. Through the use of AQR’s Mental Toughness Development toolkit, the ambassadors facilitate interactive, entertaining and informative assemblies and workshops with KS3 and KS4 to introduce them to mental toughness. Several workshops with a maximum of 30 pupils can be run across a morning or afternoon session.

As a school, you can select which year groups to target and which area of the 4C’s framework you would like to focus on. If you would like to be more accurate and targeted in the programme, schools can take the MTQ48 assessment of Mental Toughness for an additional cost. This will allow the programme to be tailored to the needs of the cohort.



DSB checked ambassadors will deliver workshops at your school or venue of choice in the Greater Manchester area.



1-hour long assembly or workshop with 2 ambassadors’ costs £90+VAT.

The maximum number of pupils per workshop is 30. Assemblies can be delivered to a full year group.

Pupil workbooks are available to be printed by the school.

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