How to Create a Mental Toughness Mindset in Schools

Developing Resilience, Confidence and Challenge for Schools and Colleges

The focus for this programme is on the wellbeing and performance of leaders, teachers and pupils in schools and colleges. The programme examines the main sources of stress, pressure and challenge for staff and pupils

Mental Toughness is a personality trait which is emerging as the key to understanding how people and organisations respond to stress, pressure and challenge. Developed initially by Professor Peter Clough, it is very well evidenced through more than 30 research papers. Published research shows that it is significant in:

  • Performance– accounting for 25% of the variation in performance in individuals
  • Wellbeing– developing contentment and enjoying what you do
  • Positive Behaviour– developing positive mindset and creating a positive culture

It embraces concepts such as Mindset (Dweck), Grit (Duckworth) and Positive Psychology (Seligman). It is widely used in education all over the world for leaders, teachers and student development.

All attendees will have the opportunity to complete the MTQ48 FREE OF CHARGE prior to attendance.

The MTQ48 is the world’s first valid and reliable psychometric questionnaire measuring Mental Toughness

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