If you need a boost of confidence Harvard Business School professor, Amy Cuddy, suggests a simple exercise, which will quickly and positively reconfigure your brain by reducing your cortisol (stress hormone) and increasing your testosterone levels by up to 20%.

This can be done in a minute, although Cuddy suggest two minutes is best.

The trick is to open up your body and take up more space.

To do so, stand with your legs spread with your hands rising high above your head and stretch yourself out making yourself as big as you can.  Hold this pose for a minute or preferably two.

I was a cynic but it works!

For more info watch Professor Amy Cuddy: Power Posing for Success.

Paul Lyons is an experienced chief executive, leadership coach and mental toughness professional and you can reach him via paul@paullyons.com and atwww.paullyons.com or paul@mentaltoughness.partners and the Mental Toughness Partners website

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