After a number of requests, we thought we had better introduce AQR Coaching. AQR coaching is the UK delivery arm of AQR International, one of the world’s leading edge international test publishers.

AQR Coaching are the experts in applying mental toughness and using the AQR’s cutting edge range of psychometric assessments and measures to help organisations to transform. Our clients come from awide range of sectors: from small privately owned businesses to large corporations and public sector organisations; from well-established brand names to innovative start-ups. But the one feature common to all our clients is that they are ambitious to perform better and that their performance is dependent upon the ability, mindset, motivation and performance of their people.

Constantly informed by the academic research coordinated by AQR International and their research partners and lead by three Senior Partners, Peter Wortley, Chris Davis and Jason Skelton, AQR Coaching have a large team of exceptional coaches who are have a range of experiences gained at senior levels across a wide range of sectors. Together, we have built an impressive portfolio of projects, helping our clients transform their people and their organisations. See one of our latest case studieshere.

At the heart of everything we do is our knowledge and practical experience of coaching, combined with the experiences gained through our successful careers. We use our skills to develop the knowledge, skills, mindset and performance of the individuals we work with, producing teams and organisations which work communicate and perform more effectively.

If you want to find out more about what we do and how we can help you to transform your organisation and its people, click on this link and, fill in your details. A member of the delivery team (we don’t employ salespeople) will get in touch as soon as possible and start helping you. Alternatively, call us on 0844 357 7350 and speak to one of our Senior Partners.

AQR Coaching 

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