This programme licenses participants to use the MTQ48, our Mental Toughness Psychometric measure. This tool is for anyone involved in individual and organisational development – Coaches, Trainers and Line Managers

On completion of the programme participants will be able to:

  •  Understand Mental Toughness and its implication for performance, behaviour & wellbeing
  • Be confident about using MTQ48 with individuals and organisations and handling feedback
  • Understand its wide range of applications – in education, the workplace, social settings, health, etc.
  • Understand how Mental Toughness can help individuals deal with stress, pressure and challenge
  • Understand how the measure can help to develop individual and organisational performance

What can I expect from the workshop?

The programme is:

 Highly participative –optimising the opportunity to understand the concept enjoyably

  • Effective – delegates will be able to use the concepts to their full almost immediately
  • Supported by a comprehensive workbook and on-line support from the test publisher
  • Personally beneficial – all participants complete MTQ48 in preparation for the programme

Ultimately you will be equipped with knowledge and skills to optimise your own performance and wellbeing and to work with others to do the same for them.

The programme fee is 2600 AED per delegate for the 2 Day Licensed User Training. This includes providing delegates with 2 MTQ48 tests (worth 300AED), all materials and a comprehensive workbook

On Completion

Delegates receive a certificate from AQR and are licensed to use the measure and purchase MTQ48.

The measure itself is very cost effective, with a simple volume related pricing structure.

The programmes are also run in-house where delegate numbers are 7 or greater

To reserve a place or for further information about the tool, please  email


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