We are delighted to see the publication of our book on Developing Employability and Enterprise.

The book combines Charlotte’s and my observations on developments in these two key areas with contributions from over 20 authors, all expert in some aspect of these topics. It has been written for practitioners – both those who guide others into employability and enterprise and those who manage and support new entrants in organisations and into self employment.

The whole employability landscape is changing. The book aims to capture what this means now and for the foreseeable future. It includes two fascinating contributions from China and North America where the same issues are at the top of the economic agenda.

From the UK we have contributions from:

Dr Peter Sewell – describing the challenge of graduate employability

Kieran Gordon – CEO for Career Connect – Describing the New Horizons programme – the most successful large Social Impact Bond to date – making a real difference with those in disadvantaged circumstances in a highly innovative fashion.

Heather Akehurst – CEO Open Awards – sharing her practical insights for developing employability

amongst many others. The book includes many case studies ranging from the work of London Youth Rowing through to the Manchester United Foundation.

In my experience, across education and training, an individual’s mental toughness is the differentiator between success and failure in their development, but more importantly their access to and success in future opportunities and career development. Charlotte and Doug are spot on with their articulation of the importance, the assessment and the development of mental toughness.

Mark Dawe CEO AELP

Author: Doug Strycharczyk, CEO, AQR

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