Why is understanding and assessing Leadership valuable?

Leadership is:

 ..Influencing, inspiring & directing the performance of people towards the achievement of key goals – and creating a sense of success in the short & long term

AQR has developed a unique measure – ILM72 – which assesses leadership style and leadership effectiveness. In essence the elements this definition of leadership describes.

Why is that important and valuable for organisations and individuals?

Firstly, any organisation’s most important asset is its people. What leadership does is motivate people to give up their discretionary effort and do it willingly and enthusiastically.  This simply means that those who are in the presence of effective leadership will;

  • Do more –performing better, often to high standards, and enjoying doing it!
  • Enjoy better wellbeing – contentment – achieving a higher purpose (self-actualisation i)
  • Demonstrate positive behaviours –willingly involved in all aspects of their work and their teams

For organisations this translates in to better, more competitive performance and the development of a positive culture.  For individuals this translates into a sense of growth, a sense of belonging and a sense of self-esteem.

With effective leadership issues such as absenteeism, poor customer service, ineffective team working and resistance to change simply evaporate.

Secondly, Leadership is a cultural issue and can be developed at all levels of an organisation. Those at the top must provide leadership …. but everyone can be a leader and play a part in motivating colleagues.

These translate into real and tangible benefits for organisations and individuals.

What does highly effective leadership entail?

There are two elements. Leadership style and leadership effectiveness.

  • Leadership style. This describes how the leader approaches a particular situation to achieve success. This reflects the culture of the organisation. The model helps to understand this and to indicate where and how culture change might usefully be introduced. ILM72 assesses the 6 elements of style.
  • Leadership Effectiveness.This describes to what a leader must attend – the core behaviours and competencies. This maps to all leadership models.

ILM72 assesses 6  elements of style and 3 core behaviours.

Crucially all can be developed through targeted coaching, training and development .

If you would like further information on the integrated leadership measure please click here or to request a free of charge trial assessment (one per organisation) please contact us

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