Mental toughness has been used in elite sport psychology for over 20 years to increase performance. It was first defined in 1995 by performance psychologist Dr. Jim Loehr as ‘the ability to consistently perform towards the upper range of your talent regardless of competitive circumstances’. Mental Toughness is often referred to as a mindset that drives positive and effective behaviours. As much as 68% of S&OP practitioners indicate that behaviours are not addressed enough in S&OP implementations. Mental Toughness can be used to address this and is a great way to include more positive and effective behaviours in an S&OP implementation.


Author – Niels Van Hove

Niels is an S&OP expert and accredited Mental Toughness coach. He is passionate about making individuals and businesses being themselves at their best.

Copies of his digital guide Building Mental Toughness: Practical help to become yourself at your best, can be bought online from October 10th onward. You can contact him at to enquire about measuring your Mental Toughness with the MTQ48 and receive a 12 page personal development report.

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