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For many years, AQR has successfully worked to assess and develop Mental Toughness in adults and young people, through the use of the Mental Toughness measure, the MTQ48.  Mental Toughness embraces in a very practical way, ideas such as Mindset, Character, Resilience and Grit. 

It has been particularly effective in Secondary and Higher Education where research has shown that Mental Toughness is strongly correlated with performance, wellbeing, positive behaviours, aspirations and transition (particularly to Secondary Education).  The psychometric MTQ48 works well for persons aged 10 and above but needs a different formulation for younger persons.

AQR, in partnership with Professor Peter Clough and his team of Psychologists at Manchester Metropolitan University has developed a version of the Mental Toughness measure which has specifically been designed to assess Mental Toughness in primary and junior school pupils.

The MTI is a behaviour based inventory which is completed by a person (teacher or perhaps a teaching assistant) who knows the child or children well.

It provides a basic score for a chid on each of the 4 C’s of the mental toughness model: Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence.

This allows for simple diagnosis of any potential development needs in these four areas and enables interventions to be introduced.

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