I really like Michelle’s Bakjac’s view on the biggest room in any organisation is the room for improvement and the list of challenging but reflective questions she poses of leaders.

Michelle is our Adelaide based Mental Toughness Partner and her post below is well worth a read.

The Biggest Room In Any Organisation Is The Room For Improvement

“Recently I read this quote and had to wonder how many leaders in organisations regularly review the type of leadership they are displaying within their team. Are they “leading by example”? Are they imparting vision, setting direction, instilling confidence, encouraging commitment, embracing challenges? Are they recognising there is room for improvement?

It made me consider a list of reflective questions that leaders should perhaps ask themselves? Consider:

  • Do you set a positive tone and pace for the work climate?
  • Do you inspire in others a desire to do their best?
  • Are you enthusiastic about your own work?
  • Do you look at ways to succeed even if the way ahead is not clear?
  • Are you organised and do you help others to be organised?
  • Are you committed to dedicated action?
  • Do you demonstrate through your actions your ability to embrace challenge? Read More..

Source: Mental Toughness Partners 

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