With children approaching the workforce and with the workplace changing so rapidly I’m a sucker for articles like this one by Gwen Moran that appeared recently in the excellent Fast Company. Gwen identified the “Top Jobs in 2025 and the Skills You’ll Need To Get Them” and I have added three more “must haves” skills and traits for good measure.

Gwen identifies the skills (rather than sectors) you will need as:

  • Technology and Computational Thinking
  • Social Intelligence and New Media Literacy
  • Adaptability and Business Acumen
  • Lifelong Learning

I absolutely agree with these although I think for the younger generations technology and computational thinking will be second nature, a little like the 3 R’s for the baby boomers.

It seems social intelligence could be the new buzzword for social skills (I like it) although here relating to communicating through social media. I also think the ability to be agile and adapt to learn new things by becoming a “short term expert” will be critical to career and life success.

Expanding these further I would add:

1.  Mental Toughness

I’m a huge advocate of mental toughness as the main driver to personal effectiveness by providing the strong combination of resilience as the ability to survive, together with confidence as the ability to flourish. The resilience ability to survive the many knockbacks of a changing world will be vital as will having the confidence to take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves.

2.  Trust

In an ever-changing world where next month will be different from last month, trust will be an important currency and if you are someone that can build rapport and engender trust from those around you will be more successful.

3.  Purpose

This is an important concept within mental toughness but worth mentioning as a desired attribute. In a situation of rapid change a strong life’s purpose or faith can be your anchor to enable you to achieve perspective and make decisions more objectively than might otherwise be possible.

These are my quick thoughts but I would welcome any comments or perspectives that you may have.

Read Gwen’s article

Published by Paul Lyons

Paul Lyons is an experienced chief executive, leadership coach and mental toughness professional and you can reach him via paul@paullyons.com or via his website at www.paullyons.com

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