In December 2015 the Department for Culture, Media and Sport released its new sport strategy – Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation.

Led by Tracy Crouch MP the strategy looked at how sport can be used effectively to develop the health and wellbeing of people in the UK.  An important addition to this new strategy is how sport can be used to unlock potential to develop individuals.  With a focus on five key outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development.

The strategy was welcomed by many youth and social programmes such as streetgames as an integral aspect of engagement, participation and development for young people.  The new strategy also aimed particular focus on disabled people, women, and young people in disadvantaged communities.

So what does the introduction of a new sports strategy mean for employability? 

There is a wealth of ‘life skills learning’ in sports that affirms the link into employability skills.  For example, a young person gaining qualities and skills such as leadership, team working and communication on the pitch or within a team can easily transfer those to the world of work through the right channels.

Personality traits noted in AQR’s CARRUS Career Management Tool identifies an individual’s  particular skills sets – it’s how they’re  nurtured and encouraged and converted into the world of work that is important.  Sport is one of the greatest vehicles for this, whether it’s individual, team or doorstep sports they all contribute to continuous self-learning.

AQR’s CARRUS Career Management Tool focuses on key attributes consistently identified by employers of all types as being the core areas in which they are most interested. These are around motivation, problem solving and skills in dealing with people.  Employers recognise that these are the qualities which are consistently associated with performance, wellbeing and the quickest transition into new and different roles.

Employers across the UK are also changing their recruitment styles and habits and are now searching beyond the CV to find the right candidates.  Having worked with many career services we acknowledge that the need for ‘showcasing’ these behaviours and attributes is as important as academic attainment in many sectors and industries.

Employers are being offered an insight into the skill set of young people through programmes such as CARRUS.  Over the coming months we will feature a series of case studies on the engagement of young people through sport with a focus on employability skills. Check out our News & Events page on our website and AQR’s social media channels for future updates

For more information on the CARRUS Career Management tool please visit or contact Ben McGrath

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