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What is your state of mind today?

  • Positive?
  • Neutral?
  • Negative?

Whatever your state of mind, it will determine how great or otherwise your day is. However, unless your lottery ticket comes in, the only way your day can be a great one is by taking it by the scruff of the neck and making positive things happen for you. This means you need to be in the right ‘state of mind’. You need to be mentally tough.

Here are 10 quick mental toughness tips to show you how:

  1. Start with a successful routine

Today and every day, start the day by doing the same series of things that will help you get in the right mindset to be successful. It should involve waking up at the same time each day and then a ritual that could include physical exercise or meditation or simply “gathering your thoughts” on the day ahead whilst drinking your first cuppa.

  1. Visualise your success today

We have mentioned “gathering your thoughts” and certainly somewhere in this early morning routine its important to find 10-20 minutes to review the day ahead. Visualise how you will navigate through the challenges and issues to achieve a positive result and turn opportunities into positive outcomes. Having clarity on how you are going to successfully manage the day substantially enhances your confidence and likelihood of achieving that success.

  1. Focus on achieving 3 things today

Within your morning routine identify 3 goals that must be ticked off. They are non-negotiable. They must happen to make today a successful one.

  1. Make things happen

You know what you need to do and you can visualise doing it. Now methodically go about your day and focus on making things happen specifically your ‘non-negotiables’.

  1. Smile

Seriously. It’s a new day and you are alive. It sounds corny but with a smile on your face and the related positive energy that creates you can achieve anything.

  1. Expect the unexpected and manage it when it comes

Something unexpected will happen today. It is likely to be small and manageable but it could be severe and substantial. Expect the unexpected and aim to ‘take it in your stride’ and deal with it calmly and effectively when it comes.

  1. Use positive self-talk to spur you on

There will be times during the day when you need a gee up and an encouraging word to keep you on track. Take responsibility for this yourself and ensure that the gearbox of your mind is engaged in positive not neutral or negative. Keep encouraging yourself throughout the day with positive self-talk and celebrating your successes –especially achieving your three non-negotiable goals. This positivity will keep you encouraged nourished and rewarded.

  1. Manage your emotions

One of the most common ways that your day can be derailed is through you becoming negatively affected by something or someone. If you let it or them ‘get to you’ you start to lose focus and the ability to think clearly or concisely. By managing your emotions and being more impassive and detached you will be able to think more clearly without the surrounding emotion that can cloud your judgment.

  1. Don’t worry about what you can’t control

Another way your day can become derailed is to start worrying about a myriad of things that are outside your control and which may or may not happen anyway. Package those thoughts up and put them on the shelf. Only deal with them when they become certain and when they become sufficiently imminent to impact you.

  1. Review the day and use WWW

Before you go to sleep take a few minutes to reflect on the day. Focus on the positives of the day by using WWW “what’s working well” and celebrate 3 wins. You need to take this positivity to your pillow.