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Developing Resilient Learners

AQR assessments are of considerable value at a number of levels in the world of education.

Mental toughness, in particular, is increasingly used as a measure of mindset and change in mindset. This can be an outcome as well as an enabler in terms of improving performance, wellbeing and Positive behaviour.


Developing Staff

  • Leadership Team Development– personal development of the leadership team and understanding how to introduce and lead a programme in their context.
  • Staff Development – personal development in terms of their mental toughness as well as ensuring they understand and support what is being implemented.
  • Development Of Counsellors, Teachers, Tutors, Mentors And Coaches – who will direct interventions in their work. Enabling them to understand how interventions can be built into the timetable or programme of study.


Developing Students

 Research and case studies has emerged which shows that mental toughness is strongly correlated with:

  • Performance/Attainment
  • Behaviour
  • Retention/Drop-out rates
  • Employability
  • Transition/Productivity

By combining use of the measure with a programme of targeted interventions based on their mental toughness results students can be:

  • Better prepared for what life ‘throws at them’ and be able to bounce back from set backs
  • Be more resilient, more organised and able to plan their life better
  • Adopt positive thinking and cope better with difficulties and challenges

AQR has developed a range of programmes which help attend to development needs which emerge from the use of the models and measures in an education setting.

These can be delivered directly by the AQR team or can be in a Train the Trainer format with toolkits which include a full range of supporting resources and materials.

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