ILM72 Assessment


The ILM72 assessment is a reliable psychometric measure which assesses two important elements: Adopted Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness in terms of Leadership behaviour

Effective leadership motivates people to give up their discretionary effort and do it willingly and enthusiastically.

For organisations this translates in to better, more competitive performance and the development of a positive culture.  For individuals this translates into a sense of growth, a sense of belonging and a sense of self-esteem. They are less likely to leave an organisation where leadership is evident.

With effective leadership issues such as absenteeism, poor customer service, ineffective team working and resistance to change simply evaporate.

Leadership is also a cultural issue and can be developed at all levels of an organisation. Those at the top must provide leadership …. but everyone can be a leader and play a part in motivating colleagues.

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ILM72 assesses 6 elements of leadership style and 3 core behaviours of effective leadership

Leadership Style

ILM scales

The Global Scales – core leadership competencies

ILM scales 2

The ILM72 Assessment price Includes all (remote) administration, processing and an electronic format Individual feedback report. This provides a sten score and narrative for each scale  The report also contains suggestions for development activity.

Further remote guidance and support also available on request



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