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The Prevue Assessment


The Prevue Assessment is a high quality comprehensive psychometric measure which assesses:

  • Abilities – 3 areas + an overall measure
  • Motivation and interests – 3 areas
  • Personality – 13 areas

Widely accepted as key qualities for a good fit for most jobs, these can be difficult to assess by other means.

Prevue adds considerable value:

  • As an assessment tool in Recruitment and Selection  – enabling better fit to a job across 20 key scales and better for to an organisation – particularly in term s of its culture.
  • It is also invaluable in Management or Employee Development Programmes and Coaching.


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The Prevue Assessment is a high quality comprehensive psychometric measure which assesses: Abilities – 3 areas + an overall measure, motivation and interests and personality in 13 areas.

  • Abilities – Verbal, Numerical and Spatial Abilities – combining these to produce a General abilities scale.
  • Motivation & Interests The extent to which the individual is interested in working with people, data and with things.
  • Personality – Twelve scales around 4 core themes (from the “big 5” model) – Independence, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Stability. (The subscales measure co-operativeness, assertiveness, innovation, organisation, group orientation, outgoingness, poise and excitability).
  • Social Desirability – The extent to which the individual presents a favourable picture of themselves.

The Prevue Assessment price Includes all (remote) administration, processing and an electronic format Individual feedback report. This provides a sten score and narrative for each scale and sub-scale as well as an overall ability score. Further remote guidance and support also available on request.

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Order size – per Test (1 test = 40 credits)Price per test (£) Incl. Bureau Service
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26 to 100£90 (Excl. VAT)
101 to 250£84 (Excl. VAT)
251 to 500£78 (Excl. VAT)
501+P.O.A (Excl. VAT)



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