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Hosted by Dr John Perry and Doug Strycharczyk, Talking Toughness will centre on the Mental Toughness concept and its application in the worlds of sport, education, business, public administration, social mobility and health.

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About Talking Toughness

Guests are invited from all four corners of the globe. All leading authorities in their respective fields, they each have something valuable to say in the worlds of business and enterprise, public administration, sport, education, social mobility and health.

We will not focus on one sector. Our purpose is to enhance learning across all sectors whilst joining up a few dots!

We have a list of topics that range across the whole alphabet from attainment, behaviour and curiosity through to trust, well-being and young people’s development.

Latest Episode

David Charlton

In this episode John Perry, Doug Strycharczyk and David Charlton discuss the importance of Mental Toughness in sport.

Episode 2    |    42min

Recent Episodes

Meet The Hosts

Doug Strycharczyk

Doug Strycharczyk

Dr John Perry

Dr John Perry

In recent years, Doug has worked with Professor Peter Clough to define Mental Toughness and to create the world’s leading measure of Mental Toughness. Doug is now recognised as a leading authority on the application of mental toughness to the worlds of work, education, sport as well as social applications. 

For a number of years John has been a core member of the external academic team which has continued the development of the Mental Toughness concept to its 8 factor conceptualisation. John is also a psychometrician who has been central to the work carried out to establish the reliability and validity of the concept. 

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