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Innovations in Improving Performance

We are still young players, our career is gaining momentum, we won our first title and we are aware that the demands on us are increasing. Participation in the programme helps us to focus on important things, realise and correct errors arising in the head. The programme combined with hard work in training definitely helped us to get the League and Cup double after 18 years.

Legia Warsaw

The techniques and exercises used in the programme must be fully integrated into the curriculum at a classroom level and used at home. Parents, Progress Mentors, Subject Teachers and Support Staff must be informed of the results of the Development Report and equipped with the necessary skills to deliver and maintain the scheme so that all students can benefit from heightened concentration, self belief and positive thought.
T Fair

Assistant Headteacher/Director of Intervention and Families, Flegg High School

I have found the information really useful and I’m sure it will help me to gain a greater insight into my own mental toughness and give me the tools to improve on areas where development is required.
Jean Fenn

Sandwell MBC

MTQ48 is a really valuable tool. It certainly makes you think about your performance and positive behaviour – and what you can do about both. We liked the report structure which equipped the manager/coach and the individual with relevant information and practical development suggestions.
Liz Chandler

Director for Corporate Development, Merseytravel