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Health & Wellbeing


Wellbeing is about being comfortable in your own skin – a positive mindset can help you to: 

  • Feel confident in yourself – accept yourself and the advantages and disadvantages you own. 
  • Feel, manage, and express a range of emotions 
  • Feel engaged with the world around you 
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with other people 
  • Live and work productively 
  • Cope with the stresses of daily life and deal with setback, change and uncertainty. 

How We Can Help 


There is considerable research to show that mental toughness influences wellbeing. The more mentally tough are just as likely to experience stress, depression and anxiety – they are able to manage it better. This ability to manage wellbeing explains why self-awareness about your mental toughness profile is so valuable. 

Most personality measures focus on assessing behaviours (how we act) and attributes (how we feel) – the MTQPlus and MTQ48 explore “how we think” – a key issue in wellbeing. The 8 factors help to identify which aspects of your mental approach are critical for wellbeing.

Both are normative measures, the test results for an individual are compared to a global norm group. This provides the capability to reliably assess change and growth in MT. 


Included in the MTQ48 and MTQPlus are three separate feedback reports; development, coaching and assessor.  


Creating self-awareness of mental toughness is fundamental when improving wellbeing. The MTQ measures enable this and, through this can optimise a person’s wellbeing. AQR and its partners have created options for developing MT in individuals and teams through coaching and development programmes. 

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