Wellbeing is about being comfortable in your own skin- a positive mindset and behaviour can help you to:

  • feel confident in yourself –  accept yourself and judge yourself on realistic and reasonable standards
  • feel and express a range of emotions
  • feel engaged with the world around you
  • build and maintain positive relationships with other people
  • live and work productively
  • cope with the stresses of daily life and deal with change and uncertainty.

It is already well evidenced that an individual’s mental toughness impacts upon their wellbeing. Someone with higher mental toughness is more contented and better able to manage stress when it does occur. They are more willing to participate, sleep better and are less likely to develop mental health issues.

AQR has developed a complete package of assessments, interventions and programmes to enable development of mental toughness, a positive mindset and impact on wellbeing. We focus on getting people to change their thinking, beliefs and behaviour and provide learning tools and techniques to maintain that positive mindset.

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We also offer solutions for Stress Management and Coaching.

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