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MTQ Licensed User Training

10 Hours

  • Understand Mental Toughness and its implication for performancebehaviour and wellbeing.
  • Be confident about using the MTQ measures with individuals and organisations in handling feedback.
  • Understand its wide range of applications – in education, the workplace, social settings, health etc.
  • Understand how Mental Toughness can help individuals to deal with stresspressure and challenge.
  • Understand how the measure can help to develop individual and organisational performance.

Module 1: Introduction to the MTQ Licensed User Training

An overview of the key outcomes of the programme, what Mental Toughness is and the myths about Mental Toughness.

10 Minutes.

Module 2: Defining Mental Toughness

This module covers the definition of Mental Toughness.

40 Minutes.

Module 3: Origins of Mental Toughness

This module covers the origins of the concept of Mental Toughness.

30 Minutes.

Module 4: Introduction to the 4Cs

An introduction to the 4Cs mental toughness framework and approach in the following 4 modules.

30 Minutes.

Module 5: Control

This module covers the description of the Control scale and the two sub-scales of Control.

50 Minutes

Module 6: Commitment

This module covers the description of the Commitment scale and the two sub-scales of Commitment.

50 Minutes.

Module 7: Challenge

This module covers the description of the Challenge scale and the two sub-scales of Challenge.

50 Minutes.

Module 8: Confidence

This module covers the description of the Confidence scale and the two sub-scales of Confidence.

50 Minutes

Module 9: A Summary of the 4Cs

This module is a summary of what the programme has covered so far.

10 Minutes.

Module 10: Independent Evidence for The Mental Toughness Model

This module examines the independent evidence for the model of Mental Toughness and provides information on the main areas of research around Mental Toughness.

10-15 Minutes.

Module 11: Current Thinking

This module examines the current (and future) thinking related to the Model of Mental Toughness whilst providing an overview of the findings of key authors and journalists.

20-25 Minutes.

Module 12: Relationship with Other Concepts

This module examines how Mental Toughness is related to other key concepts in the world of business, education and sport.

1 Hour.

Module 13: Psychometric Measures

This module covers what psychometric measures are and what makes them reliable.

30 Minutes.

Module 14: Using The MTQ Measure

This module provides information on the principals of test administration for the MTQ and provides examples of typical behaviours.

25 Minutes.

Module 15: Understanding the Scales

A look at how to interpret scores and the interplay and independence of the scales.

30-35 Minutes.

Module 16: Exercises

A series of short exercises to explore how to understand profiles better.

40 Minutes.

Module 17: The Organisation and The Individual

Explores the connection between individual and organisational development and the relationship between leadership, mental toughness and culture.

20 Minutes.

Module 18: Handling Feedback

This module will show you how to prepare for feedback and what procedures to follow when handling it.

25-30 Minutes.

Module 19: Applications of Mental Toughness

This module covers what Mental Toughness can deliver and its application.

15 Minutes.

Module 20: Case Studies

A summary of real-life case studies from our work.

20 Minutes.

Module 21: Developing Mental Toughness

This module covers a range of techniques for developing Mental Toughness.

45 Minutes.

Module 22: Conclusion

A look back at what we have learnt about Mental Toughness, its application and development.

5 Minutes.


  • Developing Mental Toughness Book Sample Read
  • MTQ User Manual
  • MTQ Technical Manual
  • The Mental Toughness Licensed User Training Programme Recommended Reading List
  • Sample Feedback Reports

Doug Strycharczyk


Doug is the CEO of AQR International – Founded in 1989.

In recent years, Doug has worked with Professor Peter Clough to define mental toughness and to create the world’s leading measure of mental toughness. Doug is now recognised as a leading authority on the application of mental toughness to the worlds of work, education, sport as well as social applications.

Doug has more than 30 years expertise in a variety of Line, HR & Consultancy roles with a number of blue-chip businesses. Doug’s areas of expertise also include Organisational Development, Senior Management/Leadership Development and Top Team Assessment.

Toni Molyneux


Toni is responsible for coordinating and managing business and product development projects, marketing and promotional activity within AQR’s educational division. She is also responsible for providing a full support service to the users of AQR measures.

Toni holds a British Psychological Society accredited degree in Psychology from the University of Chester and a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology from The University of Manchester. She also holds Level A and B qualifications in Occupational Test Use, is a graduate member of the BPS and a practitioner member of the Association for Business Psychology.