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ILM72 Licensed User Training

3 Hours

  • Learn about leadership and a number of popular leadership models.
  • Be confident about using the ILM72 measure with individuals and organisations in handling feedback.
  • Understand how the measure can help to develop individual and organisational performance.
  • Find out how to implement a performance management culture and engage with your whole workforce.
  • Become licensed to distribute the ILM72 psychometric measure.

Module 1: An Introduction to Leadership

This module gives an overview of various definitions of leadership and popular leadership models.

20-25 Minutes.

Module 2: Management vs Leadership

This module explores the differences between a manager and a leader.

10-15 Minutes.

Module 3: Development of ILM72

This module covers the process of how the ILM72 was developed and the results that emerged from the research.

15-20 Minutes.

Module 4: The Scales

This module describes the different scales, how they are reported and their reliability.

35-40 Minutes.

Module 5: The Questionnaire & Reports

This module covers the different types of feedback report available to the participant and the assessor.

10-15 Minutes.

Module 6: Occupational Models

This module looks at a number of leadership models that have derived from the occupational world.

10-15 Minutes.

Module 7: Academic Models

This module looks at a number of leadership models that have derived from the academic world.

5-10 Minutes.

Module 8: Applications of Leadership

This module explores how the ILM72 links with other key concepts and contemporary ideas.

10-15 Minutes.

Module 9: The Basics of Psychometrics

This module will introduce psychometrics, how they are measured and what good practice means.

15-20 Minutes.

Module 10: Test Administration

This module provides a set of guidelines to follow when administering ILM72.

10-15 Minutes.

Module 11: Handling Feedback

This module sets out a series of guidelines to follow when providing feedback to a candidate.

10-15 Minutes.

Module 12: Organisational Development

This module looks at a case study where the ILM72 was used to create a performance management culture in an organisation.

10-15 Minutes.

Doug Strycharczyk


Doug is the CEO of AQR International – Founded in 1989, AQR is now recognised as one of the most innovative (and fast growing) test publishers in the world working in more than 80 countries.

AQR established its reputation initially as a leader in Team Building and leadership development. Doug’s work has been featured on BBC Television where Prof John Adair described the material as “highly effective”

In recent years, Doug has worked with Professor Peter Clough to define mental toughness and to create the world’s leading measure of mental toughness. Doug is now recognised as a leading authority on the application of mental toughness to the worlds of work, education, sport as well as social applications. His expertise is focused on helping organisations develop performance, increase retention and employee engagement and more effectively dealing with issues such as bullying and the impact of change.

Doug has more than 30 years expertise in a variety of Line, HR & Consultancy roles with a number of blue-chip businesses. Doug’s areas of expertise also include Organisational Development, Senior Management/Leadership Development and Top Team Assessment.