Mental Toughness Development Toolkit – Higher Education


The Mental Toughness Development Toolkit is an array of experiential exercises which can be run in classrooms, offices, training rooms with individuals and/or small and large groups (whole classes). It also works well in conjunction with outdoor experiential exercises.


This a flexible toolkit of exercises which can be adapted or applied in a variety of ways. The exercises fall into 3 main groups:
  • Short, typically 10 -15 minute, exercises which are easily integrated into a lesson or an activity. These will normally be run at the start of a lesson or activity, making a point which is of value in the remainder of the lesson (and indeed other lessons too).
  • Whole lesson (40 – 60 minute) exercises which will typically engage all students in a class and will focus on a particular learning point.
  • Multi-Lesson Exercises (typically two or three lessons) which require some element of coursework. These are often capable of integration with the main curriculum.
  • Many of the exercises can be run several times in slightly different ways enabling the content to focus on a specific outcome.

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