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Mental Toughness Development Toolkit [Digital Access]


The Mental Toughness Development Toolkit is an array of experiential exercises which can be run in classrooms, offices, training rooms with individuals and/or small and large groups. You can find three sample coaching exercises from the toolkit here.


Created by our CEO Douglas Strycharczyk.

This a flexible toolkit of exercises which can be adapted or applied in a variety of ways. The exercises fall into 3 main groups:
  • Short, typically 10 -15 minute, exercises which are easily integrated into an activity. These will normally be run at the start of an activity, making a point which is of value in the remainder of the training (and indeed other training sessions too).
  • Longer 40 – 60 minute exercises which will typically focus on a particular learning point.
  • Multi-Session Exercises (typically two or three sessions) which require some element of self development. These are often capable of integration with the main training.
Many of the exercises can be run several times in slightly different ways enabling the content to focus on a specific outcome.

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