Teamworking Orientation Inventory

The Teamwork Orientation Inventory (TWO) is designed to enable team members to quickly and reliably identify important strengths and weaknesses in the way their team operates – their team work orientation. This allows team member to focus on interventions which either consolidate strengths and/or attend to weaknesses.

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Doug Strycharczyk and Professor Peter Clough (University of Huddersfield) have, over nearly 25 years developed a model which describes the key components of high-performance team working. The more competent that a team is in each area, the better its team performance and behaviour

TWO is an inventory based on 5 elements recognised as key attributes in high performing teams. Each of these attributes has 2 sub-scales. Core elements are:

5 Circles Model

TWO is normed against a global norm created from analysis of teams completing the measure over the past 5 years. Consequently, TWO allows benchmarking of team performance and team behaviour.

Reports come in the form of a workbook which guides the team members in problem-solving activity.

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