In recruitment, the effectiveness of interviews, even when well structured, is very often low.

A Harvard University study reported that 80% of turnover can be blamed on mistakes made during the employee recruitment and selection process.

Matching people to roles for which they are well suited is the ultimate goal for any organisation. The benefits lie in:

  • Performance – Individuals and organisations perform better when well matched
  • Retention – good fit reduces attrition
  • Better Managerial Capability – understanding staff better … and their needs
  • Developing People –helps to guide development activity – especially coaching and mentoring

Our valid and reliable, psychometric measures can help users to make better decisions about people in the recruitment and selection process, we can measure:

  • Mindset – across four components – Control Commitment, Challenge and Confidence
  • Abilities – in Numerical, Verbal and Spatial skills
  • Motivation & Interests – in working with people, data or things
  • Personality (Behaviour) – across 4 themes – Independence, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Stability.

We also have measures that look at specific requirements such as leadership style and effectiveness (important for leadership recruitment) and employability (useful in graduate recruitment)

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We also offer solutions for Assessment & Development and Teamworking

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