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The benefits of teamworking are increasingly well known and well understood by organisations.  For many the development of a teamworking culture is a key element of the organisation’s overall strategy.

However achieving a teamworking culture is not easy.  Team working is often misunderstood.

In today’s rapidly evolving environment the challenges around remote working and cross functional teams. And the short term project team mean it is more important than ever to embed more effective teamworking

Our assessments and development programmes help organisations to:

  • Understand what teamworking is – and what are the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Understand how teams work – group dynamics
  • The benefits of effective teamworking
  • Understand the importance of roles and personality in teamworking
  • Communicate effectively in a team
  • Understand the value of adopting common goals & achieving consensus
  • Solve problems in teams – including learning a range of tools and techniques
  • Create action plans for developing self as a team member and for developing the team

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Our Building Effective Teams programme has been developed and refined over 25 years. It was featured on BBC TV in the UK in the 1990s where its application with Champion Spark Plug  was described as “unique” and ” highly effective” by Professor John Adair.

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