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Effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. There is a clear link between performance, wellbeing, motivation and effective leadership. Good management produces good results. Good leadership produces exceptional results.

Leadership Competencies; Employee Engagement, Determination to Deliver and Engagement with Teams
Leadership Styles; Motivation, Recognition, Goal Focus, Structure, Flexibility, Delegation,

How We Can Help 


AQR has been a thought leader in leadership development for 35+ years. We start with reliable diagnosis using a suite of measures created for this purpose. Helping to: 

  • Assess leadership behaviour and leadership style and identify growth opportunities. 
  • Explore trust in leadership across a number of factors.  
  • Identify the level of intrinsic motivation in leaders and in the organisation and their links.

Related Measure:


AQR measures help to identify the desired leadership culture and practices that work for the organisation. 


AQR can enable you to create a realistic programme for building a culture where leadership triumphs. Get in touch so we can tailor a programme to suit your needs. 

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