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An effective performance management system needs much more than processes and procedures. Performance management is about establishing a culture in which individuals and groups take responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and of their own skills, behaviour and contributions.

It is about sharing expectations. Managers can clarify what they expect individual and teams to do; likewise individuals and teams can communicate their expectations of how they should be managed and what they need to do their jobs.

Our assessments and skills development programmes can help managers and leaders address the common pitfalls in performance management by focusing on:

  • Understand the aims of Performance Management
  • How to plan and manage individual performance
  • Evaluate different strategies for and approaches to the management, measurement and evaluation of individual performance
  • Competencies and behaviours and how they link to personal and organisational development
  • How psychometric measures can be used to enhance individual and organisational performance
  • Celebrating success and dealing with performance issues
  • Adapting to change and continuous improvement


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