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Mental Toughness Development – Online Programme

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This unique, self-guided resource supports Individuals in developing their mindset and adopting a more resilient and positive approach to life. The programme incorporates the leading-edge assessment for mental toughness, MTQ Plus. The programme helps users create self-awareness about those factors which can hinder them when facing stressors, pressure and challenge.


What is the key focus of the programme?

The programme is in a modular format to be completed at your own pace. It can stand alone or be integrated with a
coaching or mentoring program.

You will be guided and supported to set up your goals and objectives. You will learn techniques that you can use to
reduce the effect of stress and increase your mental toughness, and through this;

  • Improve performance and achieve more
  • Develop increased well-being, positivity and resilience
  • Develop mental agility to deal with the fast-changing often uncertain world
  • Learn to optimise one’s journey through life

The programme is for all – the mentally sensitive who wish to manage their mental sensitivity better, through to the
mentally tough who wish to optimise what their mental toughness can offer.

Key features

  • The programme incorporates the leading-edge assessment for mental toughness. MTQ Plus. Helping users to create self awareness about those factors which can hinder them when facing stressors, pressure and challenge.
  • A flexible, engaging way to develop the most important aspects of your personality
  • An interactive on-line programme including videos, text, case studies, exercises, reflective notes and tools
  • The programme is a life long resource to be used and re-used as needed
  • Guides users on how embed learning, monitor development and identify what else you might need to do to develop even further

How does it work?

The programme begins by helping you to understand your needs, and helping you to prioritise where attention might be directed. The starting point is to complete the MTQ Plus assessment.

The programme typically follows this approach:

  • Introduction to the Mental Toughness concept
  • Setting up your developmental objectives
  • Completing MTQ Plus and understanding your MTQ Plus Reports
  • Reflection on what emerges about you and what this means for you
  • Refining your objectives to enable development which can benefit you
  • Setting up your developmental pathway – 8 streams of development options, which, if practised diligently, make a difference for most people
  • Purposeful practice of the interventions
  • Review, evaluation, reflection, and next steps


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