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AQR in Organisations

Personality can be defined as an individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. Our measures address these key areas of personality around mindset (thinking), attitudes (feeling) and behaviour (acting)

Key to this is Mental Toughness which explains why people and organisations behave the way they do. The thinking element of personality. You could describe mindset as both the pre-cursor to behaviour and the explanation for much behaviour. There is an obvious link between mindset and feeling and acting too. These can also be assessed in specific areas such as leadership style or teamworking with our suite of assessments.

AQR’s assessments offer considerable value in helping users to make better decisions about people. In turn this leads to more effective intervention and development.

This is invaluable in any organisation as part of management/employee development and coaching –to help people identify how to be more effective in key areas and to show them how they can develop.

In organisation development assessments can help to identify and develop key aspects of an organisation’s culture.

Finally, as an assessment tool in recruitment & selection – enabling better fit to an organisation’s culture is a critical area for good job performance.

In addition we offer development programmes which help users attend to development needs which emerge from the use of the models and measures. These can be delivered directly by the AQR team or can be offered in a Train the Trainer format within your organisation.

We can also provide toolkits which include a full range of supporting resources and materials.

In this way AQR provides complete solutions around the assessment and development of mindset, attributes and behaviour.

MTQ48 is a really valuable tool. It certainly makes you think about your performance and positive behaviour – and what you can do about both. We liked the report structure which equipped the manager/coach and the individual with relevant information and practical development suggestions.
Liz Chandler

Director for Corporate Development, Merseytravel

I have found the information really useful and I’m sure it will help me to gain a greater insight into my own mental toughness and give me the tools to improve on areas where development is required.
Jean Fenn

Sandwell MBC