Effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. There is a clear link between high performance and effective top team leadership.

Effective management produces good results. Effective leadership produces exceptional results.

Our assessments and development programmes help organisations and their top teams to:

  • examine themselves as leaders in the business and identify where they can be more effective.
  • identify, through looking at models, good practice and theories, how change can be brought about
  • identify what leadership should be like and what are the kinds of behaviours which are important to achieving it.
  • examine team working and identify where that might usefully develop.
  • create action plans for strategic business development.

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We also offer solutions for team development and performance management.

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MTQPlus now available in Portuguese

As interest in AQR International’s work on Mental Toughness continues to grow around the world, we are pleased to announce the development of the Portuguese translation for the MTQPlus questionnaire. Mental Toughness is a leading-edge concept which describes a...

Why become a Licensed Mental Toughness Practitioner?

Mental Toughness has emerged as one of, if not the most important, factors in people and organisation development today, as we all cope with these challenging and uncertain times. Being an accredited practitioner in the MTQ both enhances your professional development...


Very pleased to be invited onto an episode of the podcast, which also included an interview with Sir Andrew Strauss.. The Leaders Council of GB and NI is currently in the process of talking to leadership figures from across the nation in an attempt to understand this...

Coaching with Purpose Programme – 23rd and 24th April in London, Whitechapel

We are pleased to announce a 2nd Pilot Coaching with Purpose programme running on the 23rd and 24th April in London, Whitechapel. If you are interested or want to find out more, click here

The Integrated Leadership Model and the ILM72 – A Fresh Insight

The Integrated Leadership Model is the results of a major research programme (2005) to identify a framework for assessing core leadership competencies or behaviours as well as for understanding leadership style. It is a “macro” model in that it provides users with a...

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