Effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. There is a clear link between high performance and effective top team leadership.

Effective management produces good results. Effective leadership produces exceptional results.

Our assessments and development programmes help organisations and their top teams to:

  • examine themselves as leaders in the business and identify where they can be more effective.
  • identify, through looking at models, good practice and theories, how change can be brought about
  • identify what leadership should be like and what are the kinds of behaviours which are important to achieving it.
  • examine team working and identify where that might usefully develop.
  • create action plans for strategic business development.

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Employee Engagement in the 21st Century – No Longer Nice to Have But Essential

According to Bersin by Deloitte, “employee engagement (by 2016) has become the top issue on the minds of business leaders, directing us to an entirely new model of management”. Firstly, we need to understand what Employee Engagement is, why it is growing in importance...

Is ‘Chill’ The New Leadership Lexicon?

One of the important benefits of mental toughness in leadership is being able to control how emotion affects you and those around you. Certainly I found as a leader, that when the pressure was on and we were facing complex issues and pressing deadlines, I wanted the...

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Creating a Positive Work Culture

WHY NEGATIVE PEOPLE CAN POISON YOUR WORK CULTURE AND 4 WAYS TO HELP YOU KEEP IT POSITIVE Bad apples are everywhere and they can, if unchecked, transform an otherwise positive work culture into a negative one. Here are some reasons it happens and ways to overcome it....

Leadership Challenges – How To Lead Your Team Of Rookies To Become Champions

One of the most challenging leadership challenges is building a high performing team from scratch. Invariably in a start up or rebuild this has to be accomplished with a team of rookies who don’t initially possess the technical expertise, sector experience or...

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