Focus on Performance and Wellbeing

All instruments support the development of individuals and organisations


All assessments are extremely easy to use. Reports use every day language & are available immediately

Cost Effective

Simplified user training programmes. No license fees - pay per use. Competitive pricing structures

Evidence Based

All our work is supported by published research and client case studies. Data is available for analysis & evaluation.

This capability is available through AQR to clients who wish to carry out evaluation and validation studies.

AQR measures have a sophisticated database capability which enables some evaluation activity to be carried out by the user simply and easily. These include analyses by group, by age, by gender and by managerial level.

AQR researchers can enter the database to access raw data by item if needed. This provides a remarkable capability to carry out validation studies and research where other relevant data is provide in reliable and clean form.

Data can be combined with performance, wellbeing or behavioural data (subject to normal ethical considerations such anonymity) to provide a much higher level of analysis and evaluation, possibly publishable research.

For example, users are often interested in the following:

  • Performance: Attainment, Output, Attendance, Time-Keeping
  • Wellbeing: Sickness, Attendance, Morale, Bullying,
  • Positive Behaviour – volunteering for additional responsibilities or projects, mood (using special questionnaires)

This can be an extremely valuable capability and is available at very competitive rates.

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