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AQR's Goals and Approach

Our goal is to make high quality psychometric tools and assessments accessible to users of all types – managers, trainers, coaches and teachers – to support them in making better decisions about people. In turn leading to more effective intervention and development.

This means we ensure that AQR’s assessments are:

  • Easy to understand by both users and test takers
  • Designed to be easy to administer & manage
  • Designed to support quality feedback to the test taker

Carefully designed and accessible assessments enable the user to carry out two key tasks:

  • Diagnosis – To make better decisions to be made about people and their skills, attributes and behaviour. This enables users to select interventions more accurately. This helps to measure change or progress around mindset, attributes and behaviour
  • Evaluation –  To measure the effectiveness of interventions or training and development programmes and assess return on investment

In addition we, at AQR, offer a unique suite of accessible development programmes which help users attend to development needs which emerge from the use of the models and assessments. These can be delivered directly by the AQR team or can be offered in a Train the Trainer format with toolkits which include a full range of supporting resources and materials.

In this way AQR International provides clients of all types with a complete solution around the assessment and development of important themes such as mindset, resilience, leadership, team working and personal effectiveness.