Focus on Performance and Wellbeing

All instruments support the development of individuals and organisations


All assessments are extremely easy to use. Reports use every day language & are available immediately

Cost Effective

Simplified user training programmes. No license fees - pay per use. Competitive pricing structures

Evidence Based

All our work is supported by published research and client case studies. Data is available for analysis & evaluation.

AQR and Professor Peter Clough are happy to support bona fide research activities with access to subsidised assessments.

We would need information on the scope of the proposed research study so we would need to see a copy of the proposal document. We have a model scoping document available on request.

The research proposal will assessed by AQR and Professor Peter Clough, the Chair in Applied Psychology at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

There is a protocol in place covering the provision of assessments for research:

  • All data is made available to Professor Peter Clough for further analysis. Professor Clough can publish his own research using the data (it is entirely possible to join others in the authorship of that research)
  • Should the research result in a published paper- Professor Clough is joined in the authorship of that paper.
  • If the work is being carried out for a thesis, we expect an acknowledgement in the thesis and a (electronic) copy of the final document.
  • Tests provided within this arrangement cannot be re-sold at a higher price than offered though this subsidy programme by AQR.

Please note that AQR will not provide access to the scoring key for any of our measures. This is strictly confidential and the intellectual property of AQR.

To request access to our measures for research purposes please submit your proposal

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