AQR Coaching & Mentoring are a sister company to AQR International. Independently run by the two Senior Partners Chris Davis and Peter Wortley .

AQR Coaching offers a client led coaching approach to development programmes. Working with senior executives and teams leading organisations, supporting them to get the best out of their people and develop their knowledge, skills and systems.

Developing sustainable business performance through the creation and maintenance of an optimum environment, which challenges and motivates individuals who are sufficiently mentally tough to withstand and thrive under pressure.

AQR Coaching’s approach is based on adding value and delivering a return on investment on all projects that we undertake. We therefore spend time establishing aims, objectives and measures with our clients prior to designing any programme of work, These are then used at the end of each project to assess our performance.

One feature common to all our clients is that they are ambitious to perform better, to raise standards, to excel and people are the key to this.


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