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All assessments are extremely easy to use. Reports use every day language & are available immediately

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All our work is supported by published research and client case studies. Data is available for analysis & evaluation.

Effective Soft skills, such as interpersonal skills, communication skills and management skills, have been identified as some of the most valuable skills organisations look to develop in their workforce .

However the challenges around delivery of effective training and development programmes in these areas are numerous.

How do you guarantee return on investment?

How do you measure improvement?

How do you identify training needs

AQR soft skills programmes focus on getting people to change their thinking, beliefs and behaviour which help embed learning and new skills.

We use assessment tools to diagnose potential development needs. This enables a more tailored approach to training and development and allows more accurate use of interventions

Reliable and valid assessments can also become an evaluation tool to measure distance travelled before and after a programme and assess return on investment

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