What is Carrus?

Carrus is a complete programme designed to assess employability and through that to show people of all ages how to manage their careers and aspirations in the 21st century irrespective of next job or next employer.

The Carrus programme focuses on key qualities which describe Employability. Our research with almost 500 employers showed that, with Mental Toughness, these are the core areas in which they are most interested. Qualities which are consistently associated with performance, wellbeing and the quickest transition into new and different roles.

From the individual’s perspective, this identifies the qualities they should develop and demonstrate that will, both, prepare them best for the world of work and enhance their employability. This is very transferable from job to job.

From the employers perspective, Carrus assesses those attributes which produce “good attitude and behaviour”.

What does Carrus assess?

The programme assesses, through a measure, 4 areas of ability and 12 aspects of personality based behaviour. The ability section can be separated from the personality based attributes.

How does Carrus work?

The first step is for the candidate to complete the Carrus questionnaire which starts a discussion and a journey. This produces a report that provides feedback on test results along with development suggestions. The next step is to complete a Personal Employability Profile. From this candidates can produce a Development Plan.

Carrus Career Mgt GuideThe Carrus Career Management guide is also provided to enable structured career planning. Additionally, a Coaching report provides a coach or mentor with a narrative report about the candidate together with coaching suggestions.

The goal is to help people think about options… not to give short term solutions to a long term issue.

The process – called RACPAC – is designed to show the candidate how to gather information and make good decisions. Importantly this is a process that the candidate can use for the rest of their lives.

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