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This month sees the 10th anniversary of our first meeting with Sylwia Rybak in Krakow who now leads AQR Polska. Since then, around 600 people have trained to understand and use the mental toughness concept and the MTQPlus in their work. The community of practitioners grows steadily in Poland.

Many have developed their expertise in understanding how to develop people and organisations. They have also applied the concept to a wide range of settings. In this and other posts, we celebrate their work and their achievements.

They are champions for one of the most important advances in understanding how people and organisations can work better and enjoy better wellbeing.

In this series of posts, we celebrate (in no particular order):

Sabina Ratajczak

Sabina Ratajczak is Vice-Rector at WSB University. In 2018-2021, as part of the European Union funded project “Start to Career with the Academic Career Office”, she implemented a pilot programme for the diagnosis and development of students’ mental toughness.

The project, involving 476 students, became an opportunity to confirm the relationship between the level of mental toughness and its factors and the grade average in studies, timely completion of studies and drop-out rates.

Since Sabina has become part of an international research team looking at the application of mental toughness to employability.

Katarzyna Lorenc

Katarzyna is the CEO and Principal of Biz-You. An early adopter of the Mental Toughness concept and a Master Trainer since 2016, her organisation is a leading deliverer of licensed user training in Poland.

Katarzyna is active in the business community in Warsaw where she regularly promotes awareness and understanding of this most important advance in helping individuals and organisations to be the best that they can be.

Oktawia Hryp-Czerwińska

Oktawia is a Senior Trainer with the NatWest Group with a background in business training who is also a licensed mental toughness practitioner. An interest which has created some special moments.

Oktawia has contributed to a one-week event for a group of women leaders from Ukraine. The events were coordinated by the non-profit foundation led by former First Lady of Poland Jolanta Kwaśniewska with the cooperation of NatWest Poland Hub.

Oktawia has translated mental toughness books for publication in Poland as well as contributing to “Silny umysł”, a book for parents who wish to develop life skills in their children.

Ola Chodasz

Ola runs her own business where she is a trainer, facilitator, and creator of training programs and interactive performances. Ola has incorporated the mental toughness concept and the MTQ measure into her work which has a special value for society.

She delivers programs for NGOs and social workers providing support to those who give themselves to society.