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AQR International is pleased to have been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to support the development of the Career Guidance industry in the UAE. A key component is the training and development of Career Counselors whose role will be to provide information, advice and a level of guidance to young people in schools, colleges and universities.

The picture shows Doug Strycharczyk CEO for AQR International and Maya Mattar, AQR’s project lead for this important program at the start of the first of 3 workshops to establish an initial group of 60 Counselors. This will eventually rise to around 500.

The program is part of a major initiative to widen Emirati participation in all sectors of what is fast grooming and dynamic economy. There is a particular emphasis on participation in the private sector to a greater extent than ever before and in enterprise development.

On Wednesday, Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said “The ministry has put in place measures to train citizens in various fields and equip them with skills, including vocational knowledge to encourage them join the private sector and also increase their competitiveness in the job market so they become first choice for employers,”

The development of a professional career counselor is an important contributor to this goal.

Accreditation for the program is being achieved through AQR’s partner Open Awards – a UK qualification awarding body specializing in vocational qualifications.

Other key AQR partners in the project include Career Connect and Al Rowad

Managing Director at AQR International