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Introducing Lynne Graham

LYNNE GRAHAM – PROFILE Following university, my early career was in retail operations, progressing from store manager to regional manager. Because of my passion for learning and development, I was asked to set up a management training function and that marked the...

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Random Acts of Kindness Day

I must admit, I don’t always follow global awareness days but the ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ on 17th February wasn’t one I was going to miss. I try to integrate random acts of kindness into my everyday life after being the recipient of quite a few myself; it became...

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Leadership of, and for, the future

How will 5G, AI in the cloud or the Internet of Things impact your business?  This conference gives you the chance to deepen your understanding of these disruptive technologies, explore how to meet the challenges they present and take advantage of their unprecedented...

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