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AQR International is a developer and distributor of remarkably well evidenced measures and materials which are used to develop people and organisations to be the best that they can be.

Its flagship measure is the MTQPlus, the world leading measure of Metal Toughness. Other AQR products and measures focus on people development, leadership development and culture and OD providing an integrated suite of materials for practitioners and coaches.

The MTQPlus is used in business, education, health, sport and the social mobility sectors.

AQR’s business model is to grow globally predominantly through a network of partners and associates.

We are now ready to expand that network as the flagship measure is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Swedish as well as several other languages.. We welcome enquiries from interested parties who already have a successful business and are ambitious to grow it further with a genuinely unique offering.

Please contact We will provide you with information about how the relationship works for all parties. For information about AQR and the MTQPlus see

Note: Financial investment is nominal, the only up front commitment is the cost of training to be a licensed user of the measures. We are looking for people and organisations who are willing to invest time and energy to optimise this opportunity.